About Bipolar Disorder

Author: Murat Artiran, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Someone with Bipolar Disorder suffers from periods of “extreme highs(mania)and extreme lows(depression)”(The Sun,2003).Someone who suffers from Bipolar Disorder has a hard time making decisions and usually the decisions they make are not reasonable.They make plans in a delusional way and not appropriate in reference to a realistic decision.Someone who suffers from this disorder put themselves in dangerous sexual situations,that could possibly put them at risk for STDS and this could be a life threating situation;as they could contract a serious desease called Aids.They could also be susceptible to getting raped and many other dangerous situations.These situations can possibly make their disorder worse because they would have to deal with more problems in addition to their disorder.The (Mania) episodes are the worst and causes them to make these bad decisions leaving the person vunerable to getting into a lot of trouble.Relationships might suffer causing discord within the family and spousal or other relationships.The disorder might also cause the person to be involved in police contact,jail time and could make their situation worse.

Bipolar Disorder can be treated in a combination of ways.Medication that is approved for the disorder is the first and most important factor in treating the disorder.”Psychosocial therapies including cognitive- behavioral therapy,interpersonal therapy,family therapy”(Nami,2011) and educational information about the illness are good ways to treat the illness along with medication.There are several medications on the market that are FDA approved to treat the illness.The treating doctor or psychairtrist will have to prescribe a medication for the stages of mania and another medication for the depression.There are also medications to help delay recurrence of symptoms.Mood stabilizers can also be prescribed for acute manic episodes.A combination of antipsychotic medications may also be included in treatment of bipolar disorder.

Someone with bipolar disorder needs the help of society to help them overcome or regulate their illness.Many years ago there was not much help for people with mental illnesses,but today there is a lot of help for someone with a mental illness.People suffering a mental illness need community projects and solid support systems that are vital to helping these people recover from their suffering and to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and to live a productive life.Today we have many programs avaliable for someone with a mental illness.County and state programs to help low-income people medication,counseling,life skills,help to attain a job and help to acquire social security in cases where the person is unable to work because of their illness.There are prescription drug assistance programs avaliable to those who can not afford their medications and do not qualify for other assistance.I found a website called National Alliance on Mental Illness that lists many programs to assist someone with a mental illness.

They needs love and understanding along with emotional support.They may need help making decsions and help getting to their appointments and help finding the right programs that offer assistance for their disorder.Since Bipolar Disorder can affect relationships it is important to remember the symptoms and help in a loving way to avoid unneeded confrontations.


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