Violent Games Increase Violent Behavior?!

Author: Murat Artiran, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

The game name “BattleField Bad Company 2 Vietnam”. In their website, there are interesting statistics such as last year almost 14 billion people killed in this game. 5 million times sold, 300 million hours spent on the game, 500 billion bullets used, and as I mentioned 14 billion (it is double to world population) got killed.

Do video games lead to violence?

According to developmental psychologist Douglas A. Gentile and department of psychology chair Craig A. Anderson assert that violent video games cause several physiological changes in children that lead to aggressive and violent behavior.” (Slife, B., 2010, pg 327).

Rather than games which contains violent, bullets, killings, blood, could we imagine different games sell millions? Such as games about animal kingdom, or games about building another earth-like planet with natural beauty. Can you imagine such games sell millions? No. There are such games; however, they are not popular.

A meta-analytic summary of violent video game effects shows that “Paying violent video games increases arousal, increases aggressive cognition, increase aggressive emotions, increases aggressive behaviors, and decreases prosocial behaviors.”(Slife, B., 2010, pg 332).

An interesting question is that violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto is really can make someone thief? Opposite opinion may say that such games helpful to direct ones emotions to cyber world and there will be no energy left to real world. In that case we can say violent games are actually helpful to reduce ones’ hostile emotions.

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